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Jedi Outcast Mods
ASH Project Details


ASH Project Details
ASH Map Pack Screenshots
Monsoontide's WIP
Bast Castle
Hoth Jedi Academy Screenshots
Basic Development Machine Specs:
AMD Athalon 2000XP+
768mb DDR memory
GeForce 3 TI 200 128mb DDR
1.54mb Cable

Project details:

ASH is Released!! The map pack consists of 3 maps from different "areas" on the same planet, the Sith Homeworld of Korriban. These maps are based on events that have yet to come to pass in Episode 3 (in other words, based on my story).

Map details:

This is a 3 map pack. The map one (also available in beta on pcgamemods) will be Duel, FFA, and TFFA

Map 2 (co-designed by Monsoontide) will be FFA, TFFA, and features a different training area (different location on Korriban). (slightly larger than map 1)

Map 3 is the largest of the 3 and features FFA, TFFA, and Jedi Master(3x the size of map 1). The CTF version may come later as a seperate release.

*all of these maps retain the lava/rocky atmosphere/terrain.
*The Jedi Starfighter prefab and Sith Infiltrator model created by Monsoontide and will be released after the release of this map pack.

Background Story:

It is common knowledge that somewhere near the end of Ep3 there will be the climactic battle between Obi Wan and Anakin where Anakin falls into lava but survives and what's left becomes Darth Vader. Since we don't know exactly how or when or where this will take place, I've created and written my own scenario and it takes place on the Planet Korriban which in the new game Knights of the Old Republic being released for Xbox and pc eventually, *Korriban is named the home planet for the Sith.

*For more info on Korriban, click on the link at the bottom of the page.

When I created this story and the map, the details or actual pics from the upcoming game hadn't been released yet. So, since the events in my story are some 4000 in the future from the story and pics relating to KOTOR game, I'm left to imagine that something cataclysmic happened within that 4000 years to radically change Korriban and it's environment into its present volcanic state.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away......

In the not too distant future following the events of the battle of Geonisis, attack has begun on the Jedi Knights leaving their numbers dwindling. Master Kenobi on leave from his duties as General of the Republic forces massing near Dantooine has been dispatched to find Anakin.

Korriban, a volcanic planet located near the outer rim of the galaxy, was rumored to be the ancient Homeworld of the Sith. Obi Wan, now enroute to Korriban, relaxed as he set the controls of the Starfighter to automatic pilot and reflected on...recent events, the death of Master Windu and the other Jedi, the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and the events that led up to his current situation.

A month prior, Anakin had received a transmission the contents of which were unknown, and left immediately without notifying the Jedi council or Obi Wan where he was going, and has not been heard from.. until yesterday when Master Yoda had received a brief, and badly garbled transmission with only one discernable word, Korriban.

As Obi Wan watched the stars elongate into white lines as the Hyper Drive engaged and his ship was thrust in to Hyperspace, he reflected on his conversation with Master Yoda hours earlier.

Yoda paced back and forth as he spoke with Obi Wan.
Yoda: Grave danger for Anakin I fear! Obi wan: danger? What sort of danger...
Yoda: Hmm...unclear. clouded things are...
Slowly shaking his head back and forth, Yoda said, Korriban, disturbing this place is, dangerous for skywalker..his undoing I fear this will be.. Obi Wan: His undoing? Master Yoda, I sense nothing in regards to Anakin, or anything else for that matter.

Yoda, feeling his age catching up with him, adjusted his cane as he slowly sat down. Yoda: a dangerous time this is, for us all. Much anger I've felt from him..perhaps from the loss of Padme....or, something deeper I fear. Korriban, powerful in the dark side of the force, a true domain of evil it is..and there you must go!

Obi Wan: Are you sure he's there?
Yoda: No, not certain...veiled to me he is....
Obi Wan: Well then, since we have no other leads to his whereabouts, I'll begin my search there.

Remember, Yoda said as he cleared his throat, and then continued, late the hour is, not much time has he...hurry you must!
Obi Wan: are you saying...that Anakin may already be the dark side? Yoda closed his eyes and lowered his head reaching out to the force..after several moments, he spoke in a low voice: begun already...the transformation has...the prophecy..the one..fulfilling it is!

and almost as an afterthought, Yoda turned to Obi Wan and said, Above all, FEAR you must not..for as know you, fear leads to....

Obi Wan was startled awake by loud beeping and chirping from his R4 unit. He was taken aback by what loomed in front of him. A fiery landscape filled his cockpit as he descended through the clouds of smoke emanating from countless volcanoes and eruptions from this planet that was most assuredly tearing itself apart!

As Obi Wan leaned forward and checked his sensors for any sign life or Anakin's ship, he was overcome by the most powerful sense of dread, and overwhelming feelings of loathing, and anger that he had ever experienced, or could've imagined! He could also feel something pulling him....from somewhere. Now, devoid of any thoughts or conscious will, he felt as if he was being controlled as he maneuvered in between jagged rocky spires, into the depths of canyons, and over huge oceans of burning lava before without realizing it, he was landing his ship on a damaged platform at the base of a small canyon. Almost as quickly as the dark feelings had overtaken him, they vanished, leaving Obi Wan puzzled and staring blankly at Anakin who was standing in the mouth of a large cave glaring at him, lightsaber drawn. As Anakin approached, Obi Wan could see someone else move out of the shadows, but couldn't make out his face until... a flash of red light from a small lava eruption lit up the cave mouth revealing...

With horrible realization, Obi Wan now understood how and why everything had come to pass in the manner in which it had. A deep crackling voice uttered out "destroy him, and your training will begin.. he...was responsible for Padme's death..he was protecting her...he could've saved her...but instead he decided to help the pitiful insignificant rebels and his Jedi friends.

The snap hiss of a saber being ignited broke Obi Wan from his trance. Anakin was again approaching him...Obi Wan unhooked his lightsaber and ignited he backed slowly up onto a small rocky ledge over looking a pool of bubbling lava, he could tell from the look in Anakin's eyes, that he was no longer Anakin Skywalker..but something ..evil! Obi Wan was distracted momentarily as he noticed in the distance a familiar starship descending into the canyon.

From somewhere, perhaps a memory, the words of Master Yoda filled his mind, "fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate...leads to suffering"...without a word, Anakin attacked and swung his lightsaber in an incredible arc with amazing speed that Obi Wan was almost unable to counter! From a distance, the battle was observed as the two attacked, lunged and dodged each other over the pools of molten lava. Obi Wans skin crawled as heard the most sinister cackling sort of laugh, which rose and echoed off and throughout the canyon walls. Obi Wan, now filled with fear, and feeling darkness closing around him, faced his one time friend and padawan learner, and noticed Anakins partially tattooed arms. Visions of his encounter with Darth Maul struck him as realization came. Anakin grinned and whispered to him in a dark and malicious tone...may the force be with you. not even Master Yoda can save you now!

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