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Last edited Aug. 12th 2003
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Nov. 25th 2002
After compiling all of the feedback I've received from the beta version I released of map1, I am hard at work addressing all of those issues, and (with the help of Ravensoft) I've solved some of the problems that have been plaguing me since the early stages of this the weapons discharge problem which I'm happy to say isn't a problem anymore!

So, I'm currently working on maps 1 & 2 in which #1 is near to completion and 2 is about 80% complete. Map 3 is structurally ready, but I still need to add bot route support, and ctf game play. It doesn't look like I'll be adding saga for that map. I think however my next project will be a Saga map.

I was hoping to have these released by Dec 1rst, however I have some family events that may cause me to push that back a bit. I'll keep you posted

Nov. 27th 2002
No new real news or progress other than I have both maps (1 and 2 ) compiling on two seperate computers (work and home), so I'm just waiting for them to finish. In the meantime, I've made some enhancements to this site! Have fun with the little things I added! Have a happy turkey day...or tofurkey as the case may be :)
Dec 3rd, 2002
Well, I'm happy to say I'm on the final compile of map #1!! I've fixed all of the issues brought up in the beta testing, made a few structural changes, and added a few new things here and there!
Map #2 is about 90% done with bot support a Full Vis (extra) compile left to be done.  I'll get back to working on Map #3 this weekend if all goes well which is about 75% complete with bot support, and tweaks left to be done. I added a few new pics of Map #2 today which show the fog and other things I put in. That's about it! I'll have another update soon!

Dec 24th, 2002

A little update....been busy at home over the last few weeks, helping my wife with our new baby, preparing for the hoidays, visitors, family coming into town etc, so my project has kind of been on hold during that time.


I have map 1 completed. Map 2 complete but I need to go back and make the bot support a little better. Map 3 is done, however, due to it's large size, I get frame rates in the 20's to 30's without adding any bots(just me running around in 3rd person view). And after adding bots, the frame rate goes down the more I add in. So unless I can improve the framerate, I may not include map 3 in the final release.

I am going to try a few things but I'm not going to spend too much more time on map 3 so don't get your hopes up for it.

I'll still try and post some screenshots of Map 3 though.

That's about it, Happy Holidays!

Jan 04 2003
Well I'm finally getting close to getting these maps done! I'm in a quandry however...I can't decide which sky box to use for Map 3. I've posted pics up in the beta pics map 3 section of the two sky boxes I've narrowed it down to, but I like both in different ways. Depending on the feedback I get, I'll make my decision to use one, the other, or both.
I wasn't going to include map 3, but I got it working well enough and after all of the work I've put into it, I didn't want to just can it. That said, it still has minor descrepencies of which some will be addressed before release and others will remain as is. I'm going to do one more compile of Map 3, make the bot routes for it, test it out and then release all 3 in a map pack.
That's about it for now, I'll do another update soon!
Jan 28th, 2003
Well I'm happy to say that the design, bot routes, etc are finished for all three maps, however, they're not quite ready for release. I'll explain. I sent them out to a few people to "beta test" them and they found a few problems like the lighting was too dark, there were things that bugged one of them about the textures I used and how stretched out there were in some places and of course the most troublesome problem mentioned, the Frames Per Second (FPS) were too low on slower machines and therefore almost unplayable. So, I'm back to work on them trying to find a way to increase the FPS without sacrificing the integrity of the maps in terms of environment, effects and lighting.
That said, I'm still confident I will release them. The only question is, when! If I can't find a way to increase the FPS to a playable level when bots are added or for multiplayer, then I'm left with only a few options.
1. Continue working on them and only release them when they are playable.
2. Wait until the standards of PCs go up in terms of processing and video speed so there will be less of an issue for "slower machines".
3. Shelve them and possibly make Single player versions out of them instead.
4. Shelve them entirely and move on to something new like KOTOR when it comes out.
If you have any opinions about this, or you would like to beta test the maps, email me at and let me know. Thats all for now...
Well I've released the map pack and have moved on to a new project which I've been working on for about a month now. I'll have screenshots up soon for this as of now untitled project. In other news I joined JK2 Review (click on the link at the bottom of the page to visit site) as a map reviewer and to this date I have reviewed only 2 maps, but I plan on reviewing more very soon.
Also, I'm updating and changing this site a bit and I will continue to do so on a more regular basis in the future. That's all for now!
Well I'm back to work on my latest project "Deviance" after taking a break for summer, and doing some actual playing of games like Knights of the Old Republic and some other games. In addition to this I've been Beta testing Monsoontide's new Saga/Siege map entitled "Bast Castle" which is Darth Vader's personal retreat! So far it's coming along nicely and should be released sometime in early Sept if all goes well (I'm guessing). Check out the pics for it by clicking on the link below.
As for my map, I'm also shooting for a September release, but I may release it as a JKA(Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy) map if I don't get finished before JKA's release.
About Deviance,
Deviance is a Sith Research and Development ship caught in a decaying planetary orbit. This map is set in the Ep2 - Ep3 era and on board, they are building a prototype Twin Ion Engine (TIE) short range fighter which at the time does not exist but in time will become the back bone star fighter of the Imperial Fleet. Once this map is complete, it will be a very dangerous place to visit...but it should be fun. I will have all sorts of destruction, traps, fire, explosions etc going on throughout the ship. At this point it will be a FFA, TFFA, Duel (however it will be very large for Duel) and later possibly CTF and maybe Siege! I'll make another update soon. Now get outside, away from your computer and enjoy the summer sun!

Mosoontide's Bast Castle


Check back for updates......